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Recently snatching Top Gear’s highest award in The Stig’s Hot Hatch shootout, the 2007 Honda Civic Type R has been thrown into the Gym and bulked up considerably courtesy of JAS Motorsport.

Matt Davies, Euro Editor of Winding Road has had the opportunity to enjoy the JAS incarnation around Portugal’s Aut dromo do Estoril, you can experience the journey below.

Further detail can be found in Winding Road’s FREE online magazine. Although based in the US (thus missing out on a great deal of the Hot Hatch fun) it is highly recommended reading.

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Hot Hatch Comparo – Top Gear Magazine

Hot Hatch Comparo – Top Gear Magazine

Posted By on Feb 25, 2007

You live in an Automotive Black Hole if you haven’t heard of The Stig and his antics as the mysterious test driver on the BBC’s Top Gear, the biggest motoring TV show across the globe universe.

The March 2007 edition of Top Gear Magazine is now out and given the 29 hot hatches reviewed by The Stig it proves to be the most complete review of the Hot Hatch line up available thus far.

Top Gear Magazine - March 2007

Only one thing for it, either subscribe online or head down to the local newsagent and grab a copy.

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In a clever marketing coup, Nissan have teamed with Production I.G to imprint the latest Infiniti concept cars in the psyche of many Ghost in the Shell fans across the globe.


At HHH naturally the major attraction in the film is undoubtedly the Nissan Infiniti Sport Concept car, but we must also pay homage to the total offering and respectfully note the Nissan Infiniti Kuraza also taking the beautifully rendered, fantastic stage of Tokyo, 2034. The sharp lines of both concept cars work visually in the environment and prove that product placement can be done with class and respect to the audience.

sportsconcept.jpg newyork2005_02.jpg newyork2005_04.jpg

Further images and the complete press release from Nissan are available after the jump.

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